We make your work easier

Today, everything changes faster than before. The buyers’ need of getting new and exclusive designs and qualities are growing. Therefore, we are working with designers from several Scandinavian countries in order to make sure that our customers have a lot to choose from. We have been producing in China for many years. This has helped us building long term relationships with our manufacturers and factories. It is safe to say that we are a solid and reliable company to work with.

In our production department we have specialized personnel that is responsible not only for the production, but also for the quality check and the protection of our exclusive designs.

By working with Batangen Textiles, you will find your life much easier as a buyer. We offer many new designs every season and our One-Contact Only policy helps you to receive your products easily. We make sure that all the steps are done correctly, always following precisely your instructions.

300 new designs every year

We are working with designers from Scandinavia. Together, we create the designs that we believe that will be the right style for the next season. Every year, we visit several of the most important International Fairs, so we are always updated regarding new trends. Our designers and product developers travel around the world in order to get inspiration and ideas for new designs. The good relationship that we keep with our customers is also very important. It is by sharing ideas and opinions, regarding colors and fabric types, that we manage to create so many successful articles, from classic to modern.

The result of mixing all our effort, investment and the loyalty between our customers and us ends up with about 300 new and successful designs every year.


Colors for each season

After our design range is ready for each season, we start arranging the colors.
For us, this is one of the most important steps of preparing samples to show. The right designs can be ruined in the wrong color and it’s important to have that in mind. The trend institutes that we work with have never failed, which gives us a certain advantage because we always know what’s coming.

We work with the Pantone TCX and TPX colors and that makes us very flexible if you prefer a certain design in your own color. In that case, we will quickly provide you samples of the designs you chose, in the fabric type and color that you want.



The samples

For our customers, only the best is good enough. Different customers have different needs. Being able to select from a big range of good-sized samples increases the chance of finding exactly what they are looking for. At the meetings, we usually bring Ready-made Curtains in different color ways and several big samples in all fabric qualities. We want our customers to be able to look and touch the samples in the best possible way. Showing small cuttings or designs in paper is not part of our work method. This way, we believe that it’s much easier for you to see and feel the quality of our products.

It can always happen that you want a certain design in a different color or fabric type. In that case we will provide you as quickly as possible the sample you need, in order to accelerate the order and production process.

Combining our creative Scandinavian designs with the best colors for each season, we are always one step ahead. Our best sellers are Woven stripes, Dyed fabrics and Printed fabrics. We also produce Embroidery, Lace fabrics, Burn Outs, Black Out fabrics, Velvets, Corduroy and Jacquard fabrics.