We are based in the beautiful city of Larvik, Norway.

The Norwegian landscapes provide us the best work environment you can imagine. Right next to the sea and not far from the mountains, it’s our pleasure to invite you to visit our Working Studio and Showroom. We are very flexible when it comes to timing, so feel free to visit us in weekends or regular week days, at anytime.

Visit our Working Studio and Showroom in Larvik:

Fly to Norway:

Sandefjord Torp airport
-Only 20 minutes away

Oslo Gardemoen airport
-Approximately 2 hours away

You can also take one of the ferry boat trips from Sweden or Denmark:

Stømstad (Sweden) – Sandefjord
-Takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes
-It takes 20 minutes from Sandefjord to us

Hirtshals (Denmark) – Larvik
-Takes less then 4 hours
-You will be right next to us when arriving at the Larvik port

The Larvik Train Station is also very close to our Head Office, as well as the finest
Hotel & Spa in this region.