One-Contact Only

Our One-Contact Only policy allows you to order and relax. We take care of production, packing and shipping in the most professional way. Additionally, we make sure that our customers will have one Key Account Manager from our company. You will only be in contact with your Key Account Manager, which will take care of everything.

With our vertical integrated system, we make sure of that there is no room for mistakes. Since we have own employees and partners for production and delivery, your company will be able to skip a lot of steps while working with us. Therefore, our One-Contact Only policy will simplify your work.


Quality Check

It’s not all about sales; it is also about building trust. For us, it’s crucial that your order is produced, packed and shipped in perfect conditions. Therefore, we have specialized personnel that has each one of this procedures as their top priority. With no room for mistakes, we take our customers demands very serious. Even though we have specialized personnel, you will only have to cooperate with your Key Account Manager

We follow the costumer instructions regarding

  • The confection
  • Artwork for Insert
  • Packing the units
  • Hang tags and stickers info
  • EAN codes
  • Size of each carton
  • The way the carton is filled
  • The way the carton is marked
  • The way the containers are filled


Your own design

We can produce and ship our customers own designs and ideas. We always respect their demands when it comes to the fabric quality, confection, packing, sticker info and the shipping date. To protect our customers designs is also very important, so we make sure that they are safely produced. We make sure that you and your interests are protected.

As everybody knows, the risk of getting copied is always there. We, our partners and our production department in China are doing our very best in order to minimalize that risk. We have experienced ourselves how hard it is to protect our products, and we will keep battling against copying. We have our own employees in International Fairs that is controlling that our products and designs stay exclusive and non-copied.


Company Ethics

In our company, we have a lot of ethical guidelines for handling partners, customers and ourselves. Customer sovereignty is a crucial point for our ethical behavior in a market. We will never sell the same product to competitors in the same market. Therefore, it is completely safe for you to bring your own designs to our production. We guarantee completely exclusivity for you. We see this as a key to build long-term relationships of trust and good deals with our customers.

Since we are producing in Asia, we know there are concerns about work ethics in this culture. We are doing our best to have inspections both ourselves and from external bureaus. We have zero-tolerance for child labor, forced labor, illegal work hours and environment. We try to use our ethical visions to create a better and healthier environment for people among us.



Our company has been working in the Scandinavian market for over 16 years. We work with Big Chain Stores, Wholesalers, Distributors, Catalog Companies and Online Stores.

Our many designs, work methods and good production systems have taken us to a comfortable level in the Scandinavian market. In order to respect the exclusivity we guarantee our customers, we will not pursue higher market percentages in our established markets. Therefore, we want to reach new markets by making successful partnerships with Big Chain Stores, Wholesalers or Distributors. By working with us, you will find our methods and systems very effective which will make your life much easier. This has been proven time after time in different markets in Scandinavia.