Ready-made Curtains

Ready-made Curtains is the product that we produce the most. Every year, there are many containers shipped with our curtains, directly to our costumers.

We produce all kinds of curtains in several kinds of confections.

  • Curtains with Eyelets
  • Curtains with many different types of tape
  • Curtains with open channel
  • Curtains with hidden loops or with normal loops
  • Roll ups
  • Kitchen curtain sets
  • Cafe curtains
  • Valances

Everything is possible with us, so we can, in general, make the confection following the buyers instructions. If you provide us a sample or simply give us your instructions we will make it.


Usually, we produce filled Cushions that can be vacuum packed, but we can also deliver just the Cushion Cover.

The cushions we produce can be finished with zipper or with buttons and we can also arrange this product with piping.
Our Cushions are usually produced in 45x45cm and 50x50cm but if the costumer wants a different size, we can adapt our products to the costumer needs.

If the costumer has their own Cushion model, we can produce it as well following strictly their instructions.

Table Cloths

We can also produce Table Cloths, Table runners and Placemats.
This can be produced in any size or design, following the costumers instructions.

Fabrics on rolls

Our main products are Ready-made Curtains, filled Cushions, Cushion covers and Table Cloths. We can use our or your designs to produce the fabrics used in the confection of those products. However, we can deliver only the fabrics.
The fabrics are rolled on strong cylinders and you can order in the piece length you prefer.

Within many different qualities, you can choose between

  • Woven stripes
  • Dyed fabrics
  • Printed fabrics
  • Embroidery
  • Lace fabrics
  • Burn Outs
  • Blackout (sun out) fabrics
  • Velvet fabrics
  • Corduroy
  • Jacquard fabrics