Batangen Textiles vision is to deliver big quantities of high quality products in the home textile industry. We want to do this in as many markets as possible for being able to minimalize the competition between existing and new customers.


Batangen Textiles will create new ideas, new products and generally be an innovative company in our industry. We define our market as the home textile industry and we offer products as Ready-Made Curtains, Cushions, Table Cloths and fabrics. Batangen sees the European market as the natural market, and Scandinavia as our home. Batangen ensures the highest quality from the orders is placed, until the products are delivered. Batangen values customer relations highly and sees this as a crucial point for getting higher market shares. It is absolutely vital for us to keep our existing customers satisfied and to respect their quality and sovereignty demands. tidslinje ferdig

Founder’s history
CEO, Bengt Arne Tangen
CEO, Bengt Arne Tangen

In my earlier days, I used to work for a Chain Store that had 14 stores in the south of Norway. The main products were wallpaper, carpets and curtains. I started as a salesman, but my responsibility grew, and I started to manage the store design. A few years later, I also started visiting the fairs like Heimetextil in Frankfurt, and did the purchasing to all of our stores. After almost ten years in the same position, I started to work for a wholesaler who reached whole of Norway. The products were now specialized to curtains and other home textile products. After earning a lot more responsibility in this firm as well, I started to think about maybe starting something of my own. Frankly, this idea waived so much through my head that I decided to quit my job and literally took the next airplane to the Decosit fair in Brussels.

I started my company here, and got in contact with Spanish suppliers within the home textile market. I started as an agent, representing these suppliers in both Norway and Sweden. Moving with the times, I started to represent several suppliers from Belgium, Holland, France, China and England. I was always deeply involved in the product development, colours and all of the product details. Because of this, I saw the opportunity to once again change my firm’s main focus. I started producing my own textiles in Spain, using Scandinavian designs. When the market stability grew in Asia, I transferred most of the production to Bangladesh. Today, after many years of good relations with our manufacturing partners, Batangen Textiles has its own production department in China.


can we do for you?

We offer big quantities of new designs and textile products for every season.  


work with us?

We offer a smooth proses with one of our Key Account Managers. This ensure you the right quality and delivery in time


works with us?

We deliver to Big Chain Stores, Wholesalers, Distributors, Catalogue Companies and Online Stores.


to work with us?

Feel free to contact us at any time. It is our pleasure to visit you and show our most recent collections. We would also be very happy to have you visiting our working studio and showroom.